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Kvinfo: Tidsskrifter 1885-1920: Hvad vi vil 1888-94, Kvinden og Samfundet 1885-1920, Kvindevalgret 1908-1915,

  1. Altes, Edy Korthals: The contribution of the EU to Peace and Security in an unbalanced world
  2. Altes, Edy Korthals: Issues of Peace, Security and Economics, Seen from a Christian Perspective, February 2006
  3. Altes, Edy Korthals: Quo Vadis? Cultural Reorientation – Our Shared Journey : Four key words - One direction, November 2013
  4. Avery, John Scales: 60 years in the peace movement, January 2015
  5. Avery, John Scales: Adam Smith's invisible hand is at our throats
  6. Avery, John Scales: Adverse Effects of Globalization
  7. Avery, John Scales: Against The Institution Of War
  8. Avery, John Scales: All Adult Citizens Are Breaking the Law If Complicit in War Crimes Committed by Their Governments, 6. August 2012
  9. Avery, John Scales: An Accident Waiting to Happen
  10. Avery, John Scales: An Attack on Iran Could Escalate into a Global Nuclear War
  11. Avery, John Scales: Are we being driven like cattle?
  12. Avery, John Scales: The Armed Forces Special Powers Act in North-East India
  13. Avery, John Scales: The Arms Trade Treaty opens up new possibilities at the UN
  14. Avery, John Scales: The Arrogance of Power
  15. Avery, John Scales: “Atoms for Peace”?
  16. Avery, John Scales: Attacks On Iran, Past And Present. 29 January, 2012
  17. Avery, John Scales: Book Review: “Soldiers in the Laboratory”, by Chris Langley - April 26, 2005
  18. Avery, John Scales: Book review : “Spiritual Awakening”, by Edy Korthals Altes, Peeters, Leuven - July 27, 2008
  19. Avery, John Scales: Back to Child Labor and Slavery? 25. March 2012
  20. Avery, John Scales: Benefits of Equality, 20. May 2012
  21. Avery, John Scales: Blood for Oil, 3. September 2012
  22. Avery, John Scales: Cancer Threat from Radioactive Leaks at Hanford, USA
  23. Avery, John Scales: The Case for Economic Reform
  24. Avery, John Scales: Collective Punishment and the Blockade of Gaza, 22. November 2012
  25. Avery, John Scales: A Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons, Mexico, February, 2014
  26. Avery, John Scales: Construction Versus Destruction, 19. September 2012
  27. Avery, John Scales: Count Leo Tolstoy, We need your voice today!
  28. Avery, John Scales: Dangers of Nuclear Power Generation, May 2012
  29. Avery, John Scales: Destroying The World For Profit, 16 August, 2012
  30. Avery, John Scales: Developing the social responsibility of scientists and engineers
  31. Avery, John Scales: Do The People Have A Right To Know What Their Governments Are Doing? August, 19. 2012.
  32. Avery, John Scales: Does the American Jewish Community really want a general War in the Middle East?
  33. Avery, John Scales: Economic predictions for 2013, 5. January 2013
  34. Avery, John Scales: Eliminating the Causes of War
  35. Avery, John Scales: Entropy and Economics, April 2012
  36. Avery, John Scales: Ethics for the Future
  37. Avery, John Scales: Europe needs to be independent
  38. Avery, John Scales: The Evolution of Cooperation, September 2012
  39. Avery, John Scales: Facing a Set of Linked Problems, 23. Juli 2012
  40. Avery, John Scales: Federalism and Global Governance
  41. Avery, John Scales: Flaws in the Concept of Nuclear Deterrence
  42. Avery, John Scales: Four Futures, 9. june 2012
  43. Avery, John Scales: The Fragility of our Complex Civilization
  44. Avery, John Scales: The Future of International Law
  45. Avery, John Scales: The Future of International Law, 9. September 2012
  46. Avery, John Scales: Gandhi's solutions to today's problems
  47. Avery, John Scales: Geological Extinction Events and Run-away Climate Change
  48. Avery, John Scales: GHA and the Concept of Harmony, March 21, 2016.
  49. Avery, John Scales: A Golden Age?
  50. Avery, John Scales: A Government with many Cecrets is not a Democracy
  51. Avery, John Scales: Henry David Thoreau, We need your voice today!
  52. Avery, John Scales: Human Rights, 10. December 2012
  53. Avery, John Scales: “Humanitarian” Missile Strikes against Syria?
  54. Avery, John Scales: The illegality of NATO
  55. Avery, John Scales: The Illegality of Nuclear Weapons
  56. Avery, John Scales: Interrelated Threats to Humans and to the Biosphere.
    - TRANSCEND Media Service, 3 November 2014
  57. Avery, John Scales: Iran: Automatic Escalation to World War III?, 24. september 2012
  58. Avery, John Scales: Iran and the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, 18. November 2012
  59. Avery, John Scales: Just Staying Alive
  60. Avery, John Scales: Kill or be Killed – Or Both, 13. November 2012
  61. Avery, John Scales: Learning to Live in Harmony
  62. Avery, John Scales: Lessons from World War I
  63. Avery, John Scales: Limits to Growth and Climate Change, 14. July 2012
  64. Avery, John Scales: Limits to Growth and Fractional Reserve Banking, 20. February 2012.
  65. Avery, John Scales: Links Between Poverty and War
  66. Avery, John Scales: The Long-term Future
  67. Avery, John Scales: Loyalties, 12. September 2012
  68. Avery, John Scales: Mahatma Gandhi, We need your voice today!
  69. Avery, John Scales: Making a Game of Killing
  70. Avery, John Scales: Martin Luther King, We need your voice today!
  71. Avery, John Scales: Malthus
  72. Avery, John Scales: Malthus' Essay On The Principle Of Population
  73. Avery, John Scales: Mandela and Gandhi, 8. December, 2013
  74. Avery, John Scales: The Mayan Apocalypse and Gell-Mann's Curve
  75. Avery, John Scales: Nobel Peace Prize Winner and War Criminal?
  76. Avery, John Scales: Nobody had the slightest idea of what it would be like. 1. September 2012.
  77. Avery, John Scales: Nuclear Warfare as Genocide
  78. Avery, John Scales: The Nuremberg Principles and Individual Responsibility
  79. Avery, John Scales: One Step Backward Taken, 3. May 2012
  80. Avery, John Scales: Optimum Population in the Future
  81. Avery, John Scales: Our Duty to Future Generations
  82. Avery, John Scales: The Overlooked Threat of Nuclear Weapons
  83. Avery, John Scales: Den oversete kernevåbentrussel
  84. Avery, John Scales: Pax Americana?
  85. Avery, John Scales: Perpetual War, 5. November 2012
  86. Avery, John Scales: Perpetual War (Version 2), 7. September 2012
  87. Avery, John Scales: Perpetual War against Terrorism?
  88. Avery, John Scales: Preventing a Human-initiated 6th Geological Extinction Event
  89. Avery, John Scales: The Protection Racket, 21. August 2012
  90. Avery, John Scales: Protecting Whistleblowers
  91. Avery, John Scales: Racism. Colonialism and Exceptionalism
  92. Avery, John Scales: Reciprocity and Karma, 28. January 2013
  93. Avery, John Scales: Reformed Teaching of History, 2. August 2012
  94. Avery, John Scales: Restoring Democracy in the United States
  95. Avery, John Scales: Sanctions as Collective Punishment
  96. Avery, John Scales: Science Changes the Character of War
  97. Avery, John Scales: Secrecy Versus Democracy
  98. Avery, John Scales: The Social Responsibility of Scientists
  99. Avery, John Scales: Some Peace Education Initiatives in Denmark
  100. Avery, John Scales: Some Examples of Genocide
  101. Avery, John Scales: Strengthening The Role Of The United Nations
  102. Avery, John Scales: Syria and Iran: Automatic Escalation to World War III?
  103. Avery, John Scales: Syria, Democracy and International Law
  104. Avery, John Scales: Targeting Civilians: the Erosion of Ethical Principles during World War II
  105. Avery, John Scales: The Task before us
  106. Avery, John Scales: Ted Turner Protests Against the Death of Democracy
  107. Avery, John Scales: Thou Shalt Not Kill, 14 May 2012
  108. Avery, John Scales: The Titanic as an Allegory, 16. April 2012
  109. Avery, John Scales: A Threatened Global Catastrophe. 24 July, 2012
  110. Avery, John Scales: Towards A Sustainable Global Society
  111. Avery, John Scales: The Training of Soldiers, 18. October 2012
  112. Avery, John Scales: Tribalism and Agreed-Upon Lies, 7. February, 2013
  113. Avery, John Scales: Truth Versus Power
  114. Avery, John Scales: Ukraine and the Danger of Nuclear War
  115. Avery, John Scales: Unfulfilled Responsibilities of the Media
  116. Avery, John Scales: The Urgent Need for Renewable Energy
  117. Avery, John Scales: Using Material Goods for Social Competition, 23. january 2013
  118. Avery, John Scales: The Way Is Now Open For a Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone In Northern Europe
  119. Avery, John: Urgent Changes To NATO's Nuclear Policy Are Needed In The Run Up To The Lisbon Summit 2010
  120. Avery, John Scales: Values for the Future
  121. Avery, John Scales: The World As It Is, And The World As It Could Be
  122. Avery, John Scales: World War: Nobody Had the Slightest Idea What It Would Be Like, 31. August 2012
  123. Bajer, Fredrik: Dansk Fredsforening, 1889
  124. Bajer, Fredrik: Fredsvenlig udvikling, 1909
  125. Bartolf, Christian: Tolstoy's legacy for mankind: a manifesto for nonviolence
  126. Baum, Dan: The Price of Valor : We train our soldiers to kill for us. Afterward, they're on their own
  127. Brock, Hugh: Marching to Aldermaston - Ten Years Ago. I: Sanity - Aldermaston Daily, Good Friday, 1962
  128. Chabarek, Peter: Bringing The War Back Home : Eugene Resisters Shut Down Recruitment Center
  129. Christensen, Erik Lau: Basal konfliktløsning
  130. Christensen, Erik Lau: Mediernes indsats for krig eller fred? - Skriftserie 3
  131. Chossudovsky, Michel: Coup d'Etat in America?
  132. Cole, Juan: Reagan's Passing
  133. Congo Uranium and the Tragedy of Hiroshima / Mads Fleckner and John Avery
  134. Daugaard, Thora: I 10. Septembers Tegn, 1930
  135. Dickran, Karekin: Maria Jacobsen og folkemordet i Armenien
  136. Dickran, Karekin: Maria Jacobsen and the genocide in Armenia
  137. Dragsdahl, Jørgen: Greenham Common
  138. Dungen, Peter van den: Emil Flusser : A forgotten Precursor of the Medical Peace Movement.
  139. Ekmann, Finn: Vor civilisations tilstand
  140. Fagbevegelse og forskere til kamp mot romvåpen, 1986
  141. Fleckner, Mads: The Anatomy of Violence: Terror, Ethnogenesis and Factionalism in the Great Lakes
  142. Fleckner, Mads: Atomare refleksioner i skæret af Hiroshima, 2005
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  144. Fleckner, Mads: The Conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 2007
  145. Fleckner, Mads: Danmarks rolle og fremtidige status i Irak, 2007
  146. Fleckner, Mads: The Democratic Republic of Congo and the United Nations
  147. Fleckner, Mads: FN's nye succesfulde tiltag i forebyggelsen af terrorisme med masseødelæggelsesvåben
  148. Fleckner, Mads: Den hypotetiske terror, 2007
  149. Fleckner, Mads: Jura som demokratisk fundament, 2007
  150. Fleckner, Mads: Krig, hvorfor? Anmeldelse af John Avery: Space Age Science and Stone Age Politics
  151. Fleckner, Mads: Masseødelæggelsesvåben i slowmotion – men manglende vilje sætter tempoet i vejret, 2007
  152. Fleckner, Mads: Mellem Huntington og Fukuyama: Civilisationskamp eller liberalt demokrati, 2007
  153. Fleckner, Mads: Menneskerettighederne under pres fra terrorbekæmpelsen, 2007
  154. Fleckner, Mads: Mens vi venter på menneskerettighederne, 2007
  155. Fleckner, Mads: Det nukleare dilemma, 2006
  156. Fleckner, Mads: Reasons and Motivations for Violence by Internal and External Actors in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Dynamics of Conflict, 2007
  157. Fleckner, Mads: Sisyfosarbejde i Congo, 2007
  158. Mads Fleckner: Spillet om verdensrummet, 2006
  159. Fleckner, Mads: De store nationsbygningers tid – kolonialisme i nye klæder eller vestlig værdipromovering?, 2007
  160. Fleckner, Mads: Towards a new paradigm of international governance
  161. Fleckner, Mads: Ulighedens anatomi, 2007
  162. For en tysk frihedskæmper 1963
  163. Fleron, Kate: Frit Danmark, Nato og fredspolitik, 1980
  164. Flere og flere bliver NATO-modstandere, 1979
  165. Fredsakademiet: Vold og etik. Skriftserie 2
  166. Fredsakademiet: Massemedier i krig og fred. Skriftserie 3
  167. Fredsakademiet: Militariseringen af EU. Skriftserie 4
  168. Fredsakademiet: Danish Peace and CO History. Skriftserie 5
  169. Gandhi, Mahatma: Det unge Indien
  170. Gunnarsen, Ruth: Om Fredsundervisning - og Opdragelse til Demokrati
  171. Hansen, I.: Free Gaza Movement, Danmark 2011
  172. Hoodbhoy, Pervez : Bin Laden And Hiroshima
  173. Hørup, Ellen: Disarmament or Rearmament
  174. Hørup, Ellen: De højere hensyn
  175. Hørup, Ellen: Kultur og Koloni.. Tilskueren. September 1913.
  176. Hørup, Viggo: Hvad skal det nytte, 1883
  177. Hørup, Viggo: Tale i Højby, 1883
  178. Inner Peace
  179. Isenberg, David: Pentagon's mini-nukes are just too cute
  180. Itano, Nicole: Peace Process Often Ignores Female Ex-Soldiers
  181. Jakobsen, Marina: Flora Tristan
  182. Jakobsen, Marina: Fredskultur
  183. Jakobsen, Marina: Nødvendigheden af systematisk fredspædagogik
  184. Johansen, Jørgen: Ikkevold som en konstruktiv kraft
  185. Kaminski, John: Aspects of treason : The latest in a long list of reasons why Bush and his friends should be in jail
  186. Knorr, Lorentz: En ny tysk politik 1964
  187. Koch, Bodil: Had og mistænksomhed truer fremtiden
  188. Kumar, Ravindra: Fundamental Principles of Civilization
  189. Kumar, Ravindra: Gandhi: the Mahatma
  190. Kumar, Ravindra: Gandhi, Non-violence and Democracy with Special Reference to India
  191. Kumar, Ravindra: Indian View of Peace: With Special Reference to Buddha & Gandhi
  192. Kumar, Ravindra: Mahatma Gandhi and Higher Education: A Critical Analysis
  193. Kumar, Ravindra: Relevance of Gandhism in the Modern Polity
  194. Kumar, Ravindra: Social Organizations: Cultural and Moral Values
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  197. Lous, Eva: Karen Jeppe - Denmark's First Peace Philosopher
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  202. Moret, Leuren : Depleted uranium: Dirty bombs, dirty missiles, dirty bullets : A death sentence here and abroad
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  217. Røder, Ulla: En lille historie
  218. Røder, Ulla: Kan FN leve op til sit ry som en FREDS organisation?
  219. Røder Ulla: Medvirk til forhindring af krigsforbrydelser
  220. Røder, Ulla: Retssikkerheden i Europas demokratier
  221. Røder, Ulla: USA's langtidsplan for militarisering af rummet
  222. Rørdam, Holger Fr.: Efterretninger om Sværmeren Jesper Baltzarsen Könecken
  223. Sanctions against Iraq - what have we learnt? / Hans-C. von Sponeck ; Coilín Oscar ÓhAiseadha
  224. Sanktionerne mod Irak - hvad har vi lært? / Hans-C. von Sponeck ; Coilín Oscar ÓhAiseadha
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  228. Singer, Kurt D.: Autobiography
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  232. Space Alert, fall 2013
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  244. Terp, Holger: Det gamle tv-signal lukker
  245. Terp, Holger: Gallup om NATO
  246. Terp, Holger: Jesper Jensen værkfortegnelse
  247. Terp, Holger: Jubilæumsskrift til Kvinderens Internatonale Liga for Fred og Frihed
  248. Terp, Holger: Kanonvås
  249. Terp, Holger: Læseplan til første verdenskrig
  250. Terp, Holger: Læseplan til krig
  251. Terp, Holger Den nye reviderede traktat om forsvaret af Grønland har demokratisk underskud
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