Australien / the Commonwealth of Australia

Geografi ; natur ; klima ; demografi ; historie ; Britiske atomvåbenforsøg ; krige ; kultur ; kunst ; film ; musik ; politik ; politiske partier ; forsvar ; efterretningstjenester ; fredsbevægelser ; religion ; sociale bevægelser ; sociale forhold ; uddannelse ; økonomi og våbenhandel.
Geography, nature and climate, demographics, history, wars, culture, film, music, politics, defense, peace movements, religion, social issues, education, economy and arms trade.
Géographie, la nature, la démographie, histoire, la culture, la politique, la défense, les mouvements pacifistes, la religion, les questions sociales, l'éducation, économie.
Geografía, naturaleza, demografía, historia, cultura, política, defensa, movimientos por la paz, la religión, las cuestiones sociales, la educación, la economía.
Geographie, Natur, Demographie, Geschichte, Kultur, Politik, Verteidigung, Friedensbewegungen, Religion, Soziales, Bildung, Wirtschaft.
Geografi: Latin: terra incognita australis / ukendt sydligt land. Australien er et kontinent i Oceanien ved Arafurahavet og Stillehavet, som omfatter staterne Australien og New Zealand og øerne Christmas Island i Det indiske ocean, Cocosøerne, samt Tasmanien / Van Diemen's Land og herunder Fraser Island. Heard and McDonald Islands. Little Christmas Island. The Lord Howe Island Group. Macquarie. Montebello øerne. Det tasmanske hav / Tasman Sea, som er en del af det sydlige Stillehav, er farvandet mellem Australien og New Zealand. Torres Strait / Torressundet. Naboer: Antarktis, Asien.
Også føderal stat med samme navn.
Atlas of Australia.
Geography; Latin: terra incognita australis / unknown southern land. Continent in Oceania at the Arafura Sea and the Pacific, which includes the states Australia and New Zealand and the islands of Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean, Cocos and Tasmania / Van Diemen's Land and including Fraser Island. Heard and McDonald Islands. Little Christmas Island. The Lord Howe Island Group. Macquarie Island. Montebello Islands. Torres Strait / Torre Sound. Neighbors: Antarctica, Asia.
Also, federal state with the same name.
Massemedier og pressefrihed / Mass media and freedom of the press:
Internet enemies. Reporters Without Borders (Paris), 2009.
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Biblioteksvæsen / Libraries. Bogvæsen / Books:
National Library of Australia.
The Australian Libraries Gateway
'The Australian Libraries Gateway (ALG) is a free Web-based directory service which has information about approximately 5,200 Australian libraries and cultural institutions, their collections and services. Started in March 1998, it aims to be a "one-stop-shop" directory for current information about Australian libraries and cultural institutions - a tool for world-wide users, for both information professionals and the general public. '
Australian public libraries statistical report 2011-2012. / : Compiled by Regional Access and Public Libraries, State Library of Queensland July 2013.
Edwards's Australasian catalogue. Catalogue of books relating to Australasia, Malaysia, Polynesia, the Pacific coast of America, and the South Seas; on sale at the prices affixed (1898-1899). - 264 s.
Jessie Street National Women’s Library 1989-
Jessie Street National Women’s Library is a unique specialist library dedicated to the preservation of Australian women’s work, words and history. The Library was established in 1989 and is named after Jessie Street, a lifelong campaigner for women’s rights, the peace movement and the elimination of discrimination against Aboriginal people. The Library’s charter is to collect, preserve and promote knowledge and understanding of the cultural heritage of all women; social justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples; international friendship and peace. Patrons are The Hon Elizabeth Evatt AC, The Right Hon Clover Moore, Lord Mayor of Sydney, Professor Emerita Jill Roe AO and Sir Laurence Street AC KCMG.
Special collections
'Finally, the Library holds two small special collections. One is a single donation of 110 books by or about Virginia Woolf. It includes her diaries, letters, essays and works on members of the Bloomsbury Group. The second contains 24 books associated with Jessie Street, generally owned by her. One book, however, was bought at auction in the United States and donated to the Library because it was inscribed by one of the authors to: “Mrs. Street, bravest of brave women, here’s to you, Carrie Chapman Catt, July 2, 1945”. The book is titled Why wars must cease (1935) and Carrie Chapman Catt’s co-authors included Rose Emmet Young and Eleanor Roosevelt'.
Aviser / Newspapers / journaux / Prensa / Tageszeitungen
Australian Newspaper History: A Bibliography. / : Compiled by Victor Isaacs et al.
Australian Newspaper History group, 2004.
Australian Newspaper History: A Bibliography Additional entries.
First Supplement: January 2005.
Tidsskrifter, periodica / Journals, periodicals / Revues spécialisées, périodiques / Revistas, publicaciones periódicas / Zeitschriften, Periodika
The Australian catalogue; a reference index to the books and periodicals published and still current in the commonwealth of Australia. Compiled and edited by A.B. Foxcroft. With prefatory note by Walter Murdoch, M.A, 1911.
The Bulletin (“The Bushman’s Bible”), published in Sydney from 1880-2008.
Kunst / Art: Aubrey Beardsley. Beardsley (1872 – 1898)
Helleristninger / petroglyph.
Australian writers. / : Desmond Byrne, 1896.
Film / Movies / cinéma / Cine / Filme:
Undervisning i film:
National Film and Sound Archive (Australia)
International organisering: Commonwealth of Australia and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: Australian Treaty Series.
Australien er medlem af Antarktis traktatsystemet / Antarctic Treaty System, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), FN, det internationale energiagentur, the Pacific Islands Forum.
Forsvar / militær: SIPRI: Militærudgifter / Military expenditure of Australia.
Værnepligt: WRI: Country report and updates: Australia.
Boyhood conscription 1905-1909
Folkeafstemninger om militær værnepligt i 1916 og 1917. Militær værnepligt 1916-1929 og 1939-1972.
National Archives of Australia: Conscription referendums, 1916 and 1917 – Fact sheet 161.
Australian Defence Library -
The Cost of Defence: ASPI Defence Budget Brief 2009-10 : Seventy-two million, nine hundred & ninety thousand, three hundred & seventy-five dollars & thirty-four cents per day. / Mark Thomson. Australian Strategic Policy Institute, 2009. - 236 s.
Secret Australian SAS operations in Africa. / James Cogan, WSWS 14 March 2012
The Melbourne Age published allegations on Monday that a secret unit of the Australian military's elite Special Air Service (SAS) had been deployed on "dozens" of illegal spying operations inside a number of African countries over the past year. The missions, including in Zimbabwe, Kenya and Nigeria, had been "assessing border controls, exploring landing sites for possible military interventions and possible escape routes for the evacuation of Australian nationals and military assessments of local politics and security."
Australian Government, Department of Defence: Major defence bases & establishments: Defence annual report 2008-09 volume 1
Defence annual report 2008-09 volume 2
Paramilitære styrker:
Sociale forhold:
Report of the National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from Their Families, 1997. - 524 s.
Uddannelse: Australian Education Network, herunder The Australian Education Network University and College Guide.
og -
The Astronomical Society of Australia.
Offentlige myndigheder
Private organisationer:
Compound Costs: How climate change is damaging Australia’s economy. / : Will Steffen et al.. / : The Climate Council, 2019.
The property market is expected to lose $571 billion in value by 2030 due to climate change and extreme weather, and will continue to lose value in the coming decades if emissions remain high.
Økonomiske kriser: 1897.
BNP - FN data, landbrug, fiskeri, industri.
Landbrug: FAO Country Profiles.
Australiens bønder sukker efter en regn, der ikke kommer. / : Gabrielle Chan. I: Information, 4. september 2018.
Naturresourcer: Aluminium, asbest, germanium, guld, helium, kobber, kobolt, kul, magnan, nikkel, niobium, olie og naturgas, tin, uran, herunder Australian Uranium Association, 2006-., vanadium og zink.
CRS: Europe’s Energy Security: Options and Challenges to Natural Gas Supply Diversification. / Michael Ratner et al. 2012. - 32 s.
Governing Uranium in Australia. / : Cindy Vestergaard. DIIS Report 2015:11.
'Australia has been a long-time key player in the global uranium market. It has the world’s largest known resources of uranium and has been consistently ranked as a top supplier. There is no nuclear power generation in Australia and all domestically mined uranium is exported, a position underpinned by its desire to flex its resource status to advance diplomatic and non-proliferation objectives. Despite its extensive resources Australia has never held top uranium producer spot. It went from sixthlargest producer in the 1980s and 1990s to second-largest in 2000, a ranking held until 2008 when it dropped to third as it was overtaken by Kazakhstan. (A year later Kazakhstan overtook Canada as the world’s largest producer). Today, Australia ranks third and accounts for twelve per cent of world production.'
Radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel management in Australia. / Matthew James and Ann Rann.
Parliament of Australia. Science, Technology, Environment and Resources Section. 2011. - 61 pp.
IAEA: The long term stabilization of uranium mill tailings: Final report of a co-ordinated research project 2000–2004.
- Vienna: IAEA, 2004. - 309 pp. -
Coalfields & collieries of Australia (1912).
From hero to zero: Peabody Energy Corp. / : Inês Rocha, José Maria Antunes, Maria Coutinho.
- London : The Ecconomist, Case Study Competition 2015.
FEP - School of Economics and Management, University of Porto.
Verdens største kulselskab er ved at gå fallit : På ét år har Peabody Energy, den største private kulproducent i verden, tabt 98 pct. af sin markedsværdi og er nu ikke mere i stand til at betale renterne på sin milliardgæld. Om mindre end en måned kan det være slut. / : Jørgen Steen Nielsen. I: Information, 4. marts 2016.
Rio Tinto
Background Conditions and Mining Pollution throughout History in the Río Tinto (SW Spain).
/ : Manuel Olías and José Miguel Nieto. Environments 2015: 2.
Rio Tinto: a record fit for the Olympics? London Mining Network, 2012.
Not on Queen Victoria's Birthday; the Story of the Rio Tinto Mines. / : David Avery. London: Collins, 1974.
Udenrigshandel / Foreign trade / Commerce extérieur / Außenhandel
Erhverv, handel og industri: Produktion og eksport af: Biler, cement, fly, medicin våben.

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