Tysk: Grundstof nummer 30 i det periodiske system. Zink er giftig i forbindelse med syre.
Zink kendes siden oldtiden og produceres aktuelt bl.a. i Australien, Bolivia, Canada, Indien, Irland Kasakhstan, Kina, Mexico, Peru og USA.
Zink bruges bl.a. i elektriske batterier, samt til galvanisering, varmforzinkning og andre former for overfladebehandling af stål og talrige legeringer indeholder zink, eksempelvis messing og nysølv. Der er desuden zink i de fleste multivitaminpiller.
Radioaktivt zink kendes fra amerikanske  atomvåbenforsøg i den første del af den kolde krig.
Forarmet zinkoxid er et zinkoxid med formindsket indhold af zink isotop med atommasse 64, og anvendes til korrosionsbeskyttelse i nukleare trykvandsreaktorer.
Se også: Gun metal ; kobber ; messing.


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- http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a494333.pdf
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- http://www.nukem-isotopes.com/products/details.html?eID=isotope&pdf=5
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Zinc and related alloys : The pioneering traditions in the ancient and medieval India. / Arun Kumar Biswas, The Asiatic Society
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'India achieved the distinction of being the only country in the ancient and the medieval world to produce pure zinc metal and high zinc-brass alloys. The saga of zinc in ancient India has been established only recently by a team of scholars from India (Hegde, Biswas) and England (Craddock, Willies). The present author has recorded the current status of our knowledge on the subject in a paper and in a book. This provides a brief summary and also includes a hitherto unpublished material on the Bidri alloy.
Zinc-65 and Manganese-54 in Albacore Thunnus Alalunga from the West Coast of North America. / William G. Pearcy and Charles L. Osterberg. ASLO, 1986. - http://wwww.aslo.org/lo/toc/vol_13/issue_3/0490.pdf Department of Oceanography, Oregon State University, Corvallis 97331 'Zinc-65 and manganese-54 were the dominant artificial radionuclides in the livers of albacore collected along the coast of North America from Washington to Baja California during the summers 1962-1966. The concentrations and specific activities of these radionuclides changed considerably during summer, indicating rapid responses to different radioccological conditions.'

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