Geografi ; natur og klima ; demografi ; historie ; krige ; kultur ; kunst ; film ; politik ; politiske partier ; forsvar ; fredsbevægelser ; religion ; sociale forhold ; uddannelse ; økonomi og våbenhandel.
Geography; Nature and climate; Demography; History; Wars; Culture ; Art; Film; Music; Politics; Political parties ; Defense; Peace movements; Religion; Social conditions ; Education , Economics and Arms trade.
Géographie; Nature et climat; Démographie; Guerres; Histoire; Culture ; La musique; Politique; Partis politiques ; La défense; Mouvements de paix; Religion; Conditions sociales ; Éducation; Économie et commerce des armes

Chilensk Musik:

UNESCO Collection of Traditional Music of the World.
Chilean Music
Musique chilienne
Música chilena
Chilenische Musik
Musikhistorie ; Aktuelle og historiske musikorganisationer ; Pladeselskaber ; Komponister ; Musikgrupper - og solister ; Folkemusik ; Jazz ; Klassisk musik ; Opera ; Pop ; Rock ; Arkiver ; Litteratur
Music history; Current and historical music organizations; Record companies; Composers; Music groups - and soloists; Country & Western; Folk music; Jazz; Classical music; Opera; Pop; Rock; Archives; Literature
Histoire de la musique; Organisations actuelles et historiques musique; Les maisons de disques; compositeurs; Des groupes de musique - et solistes; La musique folklorique; Jazz; Musique classique; Opera; Pop; Rocher; Archives; littérature
Historia de la música; Organizaciones actuales e históricos de la música; Las compañías discográficas; Compositores; Grupos de música - y solistas; Música folclórica; Jazz; Música clásica; Opera; Pop; Roca; Archivos; literatura
Musikgeschichte; Aktuelle und historische Musikorganisationen; Plattenfirmen; Komponisten; Musikgruppen - und Solisten; Country & Western; Volksmusik; Jazz; Klassische Musik; Opera; Pop; Rock; Archiv; Literatur
Musikundervisning og pædagogik / Music Education and Pedagogy:
Den chilenske musik er en del af Latinamerikansk musikkultur med rødder i oprindelig sydamerikansk og mellemamerikansk, afrikansk og europæisk musik. Den chilenske musikhistorie kan opdeles i et par perioder: Før og efter Columbus og før og efter militærkuppet i 1973. Påskeøen har sin hel egen særegne musikkultur.
The Chilean music is a part of Latin American music culture with roots in native South American and Central American, African and European music. The Chilean musical history can be divided into a few periods: Before and after Columbus and before and after the military coup in 1973. The Easter Island has its entire own peculiar musical culture.
La musique chilienne est une partie de la culture de la musique latino-américaine avec des racines dans la musique sud-américaine et l'Amérique centrale, d'Afrique et d'Europe natale. L'histoire de la musique chilienne peut être divisé en quelques périodes: avant et après Colomb et avant et après le coup d'Etat militaire en 1973. L'île de Pâques a toute sa culture musicale particulière propre.
La música chilena es una parte de la cultura de la música latinoamericana, con raíces en la música sudamericana y centroamericana, africana y europea nativa. La historia de la música chilena se puede dividir en algunos períodos: antes y después de Colón y antes y después del golpe militar en 1973. Isla de Pascua tiene toda su cultura musical peculiar propia.
Die chilenische Musik ist ein Teil der lateinamerikanischen Musikkultur mit Wurzeln im Heimatsüdamerikanischen und zentralamerikanischen, afrikanischen und europäischen Musik. Die chilenische Musikgeschichte kann in einigen Perioden eingeteilt werden: Vor und nach Columbus und vor und nach dem Militärputsch 1973. Osterinsel hat seine gesamte eigentümlichen Musikkultur.
La contribución de Samuel Claro Valdés a la investigación de la música colonial hispanoamericana: una valoración crítica a cuarenta años de su Antología / : Alejandro Vera. Instituto de Música, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Resonancias vol. 19, n°35, julio-noviembre 2014, pp. 167-176 / Documentos.
Historia de la música en Chile (primera edición). Memoria Chilena, biblioteca del congreso nacional de Chile. / : Samuel Urrutia Blondel ; Samuel Claro. Orbe, 1973.
Aktuelle og historiske musikorganisationer
Fundación Víctor Jara
Chile. / : Pan American Union. Music Section, 1954.
'To complement this project, the Pan American Union inaugurates, with this volume, the publication of a Musical Directory of Latin America which deals with the history and organization of the conservatories, music schools and symphonic and choral ensembles, and includes lists of libraries, record collections, magazines, music stores, instrument makers, folklore archives, radio stations, theaters and concert halls.'
Víctor Jara 1932-1973, teacher, theatre director, poet, singer-songwriter, and political activist.
Joan Jara: Victor Jara - Sangen som aldrig blev færdig / Víctor Jara. Un canto truncad. Tiden, 1983.
Report of the Chilean National Commission on Truth and Reconciliation. Notre Dame, Indiana: University of Notre Dame Press, 1993, vol. I/II, Part Three, Chapter One (A.2.a.2), 153-167:
'Victor Lidio JARA MARTINEZ, 40, a popular singer and theater director who was a member of the Central Committee of Communist Youth. A statement by the Foreign Ministry dated March 27, 1974, in response to a note from the OAS (Organization of American States) Interamerican Human Rights Commission, said, "Víctor Jara: Dead. He was killed by snipers who, I repeat, were firing indiscriminately on the armed forces and on the civilian population."
This Commission received many credible reports refuting this official story and leading to the conclusion that what actually happened was quite different. Víctor Jara was arrested on September 12 on the grounds of the State Technical University were he was working as a theater director. He was taken to the Chile Stadium, where he was separated from the other people with whom he had been arrested, and detained high up in the stands together with other people considered to be dangerous. Between September 12-15, he was interrogated by army personnel. The the last day Víctor Jara was seen alive was September 15. During the afternoon he was taken out of a line of prisoners who were being transferred to the National Stadium. In the early morning of the next day, September 16, shantytown dwellers found his body, along with five others, including that of Littré Quiroga Carvajal, near the Metropolitan Cemetery. As the autopsy report states, Víctor Jara died as a result of multiple bullet wounds (44 entry wounds and 32 exit wounds).
The Commission came to the conviction that he was executed without due process of law by government agents, and hence in violation of his fundamental human rights. The grounds for that conviction are that he is known to have been arrested and to have been in the Chile Stadium, that it is attested that he died as a result of many bullet wounds, thus indicating that he was executed together with the other prisoners whose bodies appeared alongside his. The overview to this period provides an account of the various kinds of torture to which Víctor Jara was subjected while under arrest.'
Ex-Pinochet army conscript charged with folk singer Victor Jara's murder: José Adolfo Paredes Márquez tracked down to Chilean capital almost 36 years later. / : Rory Carroll, Latin America correspondent., Thursday 28 May 2009.
Torbiørnsson, Peter: Sådan myrdede juntaen Chiles største poet: Syng for helvede, syng. I: Demokraten, søndag den 24. februar 1974.
Victor Jara: The Man Who Died Singing the Truth.
Naum Panovski, Poiesis Theatre Project, 1978.
Se: -
Arena 1966 -
Canto a Lo Humano 1966
Víctor Jara 1967
Canciones Folklóricas de América 1968
Canton Libre 1970 -
Pongo En Tus Manos Abiertas 1970
En vivo universidad de Valpariso 1970
El Derecho de Vivir en Paz 1971
En Mexico, 1971
Habla y canta en vivo en la Habana 1972
La Poblacion 1972
Canto Por Travesura 1973
Te recuerdo Amanda 1974 Movieplay – S-32.622
Tiempos que cambian eller Manifiesto 1974
Presente 1975 -
Violeta Parra. Violeta del Carmen Parra Sandoval 1917-1967, composer, songwriter, folklorist, ethnomusicologist and visual artist.
Violeta Parra, una aproximación a la creación interdisciplinaria. / : Escobar Mundaca, Alejandro
Màster Oficial en Música com a Art Interdisciplinària, Departament Història de l'Art, Facultat Geografia i Història, Universitat de Barcelona, Any: 2012, Tutors: Dr. Josep Martí Pérez (CSIC) i Dr. Antonio Salcedo Miliani (URV).
Musikeksempler: Violeta Parra - 1991 - La Magia de Violeta Parra, herunder: Gracias a la vida
Historiske pladeselskaber:
Alerce Producciones Fonograficas S.A.
Canto Libre
Corporación De Radio De Chile, S.A.
Jota Jota
Aktuelle pladeselskaber:
La Tienda Nacional
SVR Producciones
Musikgrupper - og solister
Quilapayun. Se Folkemusik.
Country & Western
Folkemusik, spillemandsmusik og -viser, herunder Nueva Canción Chilena.
Ángel Parra
Eduardo Carrasco
Guillermo "Willy" Oddó
Las Hermanas Parra
Horacio Salinas
Isabel Parra
Julio Numhauser
Los Jaivas
Luis Advis
Margot Loyola
Max Berrú
Patricio Castillo
Patricio Manns
Quilapayún 1965-.
Rodolfo Parada
Rolando Alarcón
Santiago del Nuevo Extremo
Sergio Ortega
Silvia Urbina
Víctor Jara
Violeta Parra
Klassisk musik
Rock, herunder Nueva ola
Los Ángeles Negros
Musikeksempler: Antologia 1969-1982, 2003

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