FolkFreak: Songs for Peace. FolkFreak FF 4010, 1983.
Scandihoovians Sings Scandinavian Folk Songs, 1963.


Sammensat begreb af folk og musik der dækker over et hav af forskellige musikalske stilarter bygget over både ældre traditionel musik, ballader og nyere musik fra folket som bevares gennem sang generation efter generation. Blandt folkemusiktidsskrifter kan nævnes: Folk Music Journal.
Se også: Amerikansk folkemusik ; Appalachian folk music ; George Butterworth ; Balkan musik ; Carolan music ; chanties ; contemporary folk ; dansk folkemusik ; Engelsk folkemusik ; fado ; fakelore ; folk baroque ; folk jazz ; folk rock ; folkemindeforskning ; folkesang ; folkevise ; hillbilly ; hootenanny ; the International Folk Music Council ; jug ; old time music ; polkabilly ; psychedelic folk ; rapsodi ; skiffle ; sociologi.

Databaser og litteratur

Folkklore Discography
'The purpose of this project is to expose as many people as possible to the amazing collection of music available in the world. This collection focuses primarily on out-of-print music from eastern Europe: Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, and the former Yugoslavia and the countries that used to be part of it (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro / Crnogora, Bosnia and Hercegovina, and Macedonia). Albums from other regions are included if they were used for international folk dancing.'
Folk Tune Finder
The Folk Song Index: An Oberlin College Libraries & Sing Out! Collaboration.
The project began in 2004 when Kathy Abromeit, Conservatory Public Services Librarian, called Mark Moss at Sing Out! seeking advice to start a folk song database at Oberlin. Sing Out! had started such a database years earlier and agreed to send their database as seed for a larger collaborative project that the Library would host. The records that had been entered and sent to Oberlin were from the Sing Out! Resource Center, a collection of recordings, photos, books, periodicals and other items, located at the corporate headquarters of Sing Out! Since that time, Oberlin Conservatory Library student employees, under Abromeit's supervision, have been indexing folk song anthologies owned in the Oberlin Conservatory Library.
The index contains over 42,700 entries, and, to date, indexes over 2,000 anthologies. Each entry includes the song title, first line of chorus, first line of verse, and full bibliographic information on the source.
Collections: Folk Singers and Musicians.
Below is a complete list of all the Folk Singers and Musicians on file at Collections.
The James Madison Carpenter Collections
'The James Madison Carpenter Collection is a major collection of traditional song and drama, plus some items of traditional instrumental music, dance, custom, narrative and children's folklore, from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the USA, documented in the period 1927-55.'
Kuntz, Andrew: The Fiddler's Companion : A Descriptive Index of North American, British Isles and Irish Music for the Folk Violin and other Instruments.
Vaughan Williams Memorial Library: the English Folk Dance and Song Society and the Roud Folk Song Index.
'It hosts a number of the library's indexes to manuscript collections, together with the Roud Folk Song Index.' 'The Roud Folk Song Index is a database of 146,000 references to songs that have been collected from oral tradition in the English language from all over the world.'
A Collection of Sea Songs and Ditties of from the Stores of Dave E. Jones, 1928.
Fireside Book of Folk Songs. / : Selected by Margaret Bradford Boni ; arranged for the piano by Norman Lloyd ; illustrated by Alice and Martin Provensen.
- New York Simon & Schuster, 1947.
Recorded folk music : a review of British and foreign folk music recordings. / : Albert Lancaster Lloyd.
- London: Collet's Holdings Limited, 1958.
Songs from David Herd's manuscripts (1904).
Washington Talley, Thomas: Negro Folk Rhymes.
- New York : The Macmillan Company , 1922. - xii, 347 s.

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