Britisk musik litteratur

British music literature
La littérature de la musique britannique
La literatura de la música británica
Britischen Musikliteratur
Almindelige opslagsværker / General works of reference
Catalogue of printed music published between 1487 and 1800 now in the British Museum (1912).
Catalogue of Printed Music in the British Library to 1980 (CPM) (London, 1981-1987).
Outlines of musical bibliography: a catalogue of early music and musical works printed or otherwise produced in the British Isles; the whole chronologically arranged with descriptive and critical notes on the principal works (1899).
Giving Voice Workshops: Janey Buchan Materials
'Following my early retirement in 2010 Janey Buchan withdrew all her materials previously held by the Centre for Political Song at Glasgow Caledonian University, together with selected items of relevance from the Norman and Janey Buchan Collection, and deposited them with Giving Voice Workshops. Janey’s deposit includes a diverse range of media forms – songsheets and manuscript materials, pamphlets, books, serials, cards and posters, as well as “78s”, cassette tapes, vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, and videos.
Janey Buchan (1926-2012) spent most of her life engaged in the struggle for social justice for all; she tirelessly supported a host of campaigns and causes. Her formal career in politics include serving as a Councillor on Strathclyde Regional Council from 1974 to 1979, and as a Scottish Labour Member of the European Parliament from 1979 to 1994. Janey had a great passion for the arts and for culture in all its forms, especially for music and song'.
Madden Ballads. / : From the Cambridge University Library. Published by Primary Source Microfilm.
'Housed at Cambridge in the University Library, this vast collection of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century broadside ballads is possibly the largest and most important collection of such material yet discovered'.
Atholl Collection Catalogue, 300 years of Scottish Music and poetry.
/ Shelia Douglas. Perth & Kinross Libraries, 1999 - 94 s.
Katalog der Musikbibliothek Paul Hirsch Frankfurt am Main / herausgegeben von Kathi Meyer und Paul Hirsch, 1928-47). ; Veröffentlichungen der Musik-Bibliothek Paul Hirsch II. reihe, bd. 1.)
RareTunes, archive of recordings of Scottish Traditional Music
Catalogue of old ballads in the possession of Frederic Ouvry, esq (1877).
- London : Priv. print. [by T. Scott], - 86 s.
Child, Francis James: English and Scottish ballads I-IX.
- Boston, Little, Brown and company, 1880.
Child's unfinished masterpiece : the English and Scottish popular ballads. / Mary Ellen Brown. Urbana : University of Illinois Press, 2011.
Motif index of the child corpus : the English and Scottish popular ballad. / Natascha Würzbach; Simone M Salz. - Berlin u.a. de Gruyter 1995.
Letters on Scottish ballads : from Professor Francis J. Child to W.W., Aberdeen.
- Aberdeen : Bon-Accord Press, 1930.
McVicar, Ewan: The Eskimo Republic : Scots political folk song in action 1951 to 1999. - Linlithgow, Gallus Publishing, 2010. - 343 s.
Bronson, Bertrand Harris: The Traditional Tunes of the Child Ballads.
Music & literature in England in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. / : William Andrews Clark Memorial Library. 1953 - 70 s.
Popular British Ballads, Ancient and Modern. / :Editor: Reginald Brimley. Illustrator: W.C. Cooke
- London: J.M. Dent & Company, 1894.
- :
British musical biography: a dictionary of musical artists, authors, and composers born in Britain and its colonies.
/ : James D. Brown ; Stephen S. Stratton. - Birmingham, Chadfield, 1897. - 462 s.
Simon Maxwell-Stewart: Traditional British Folk.
Bullen, Arthur Henry: Lyrics from the song-books of the Elizabethan age.
- London : Lawrence and Bullen, 1891. - 292 s.
Bullen, Arthur Henry: More lyrics from the song-books of the Elizabethan Age. - London : J. C. Nimmo, 1888. - 240 s.
The Bentley Ballads : Comprising the Tipperary Hall Ballads.
- London : Bentley : 1876. - 348 s.
Wit and mirth: or, Pills to purge melancholy; being a collection of the best merry ballads and songs, old and new. Fitted to all humours, having each their proper tune for either voice, or instrument: most of the songs being new set. (1876).
- London, Printed by W. Pearson for J. Tonson, [n.p.], - 370 s.
A 19th century reprint from a broken set of the two issues of the 1719-20 edition. Vol. 1, 3-5 belong to the first issue; v. 2 and 6 to the second.
Running title, v. 1, 3-5: Songs compleat, pleasant and divertive; v. 2 and 6: Pills to purge melancholy
The first edition, 4 v., 1699 (i.e. 1698)-1706, was assembled and published by Henry Playford. The 1719-20 edition was edited by D'Urfey, whose songs (with one by Dryden) make up the first 2 vols. The 1st issue of the 1719-20 edition (5 v. 1719) has title and running title: Songs compleat, pleasant and divertive. The 2d issued (with a 6th vol. dated 1720) has title "Wit and mirth: or, Pills to purge melancholy" and running title "Pills to purge melancholy" cf. Day, Cyrus L. Pills to purge melancholy. Reprinted from the Review of English studies, vol. VIII, no. 30, 1932.
The Bentley ballads : A selection of the choice ballads, songs, &c., contributed to "Bentley's miscellany" / ; edited by Dr. Doran ; with four ballads contributed by the editor. - London, R. Bentley, 1858. - 424 s.
Ancient poems, ballads and songs of the peasantry of England, taken down from oral recitation and transcribed from private manuscripts, rare broadsides and scarce publications. / : Robert Bell ; James Henry; Dixon. - London, J.W. Parker and son, 1857. - 252 s. -
The English folk music movement 1898-1914: A Thesis Submitted to the University of Hull. / Christopher James Bearman. 2001.
The folk music movement was an important influence on English cultural life in the years immediately before the First World War. From remote origins in the 1830s and 1840s and small beginnings in the 1880s and 1890s, it suddenly caught the public mood between 1904 and 1914 and for a brief moment it seemed as though a genuinely indigenous and unifying cultural force might have been found. This proved to be a false hope, but nevertheless the movement has survived and has a continuing place in English cultural historiography. This movement, however, has never been provided with a general history, still less one which has tried to analyse what actually happened. Instead, over the past thirty years since 1970 an interpretation has developed based on Marxist political thought and cultural theory. Coming as it does from a political position based on class conflict and hostility towards nationalism, this interpretation is profoundly antipathetic to the phenomenon it has sought to analyse and has been more concerned to condemn than to understand. It has seen folk song and dance in terms of material expropriated from the working class, misrepresented and transformed in order to reflect 'bourgeois' ideology, and then fed back to the working class via their children in the state education system. Its weakness is that it has never been able to prove these propositions. This thesis attempts to undermine the Marxist interpretation and to provide a firm foundation of research for future analysis. Chapter One is a historiographical survey of the literature showing how it has developed and exposing its lack of a research base. Chapter Two is a narrative intended to provide a connecting thread for the analytical material which follows. Chapter Three examines the folk music organisations. Chapters Four and Five challenge the central assumptions of the Marxist interpretation by showing that the material was not exclusively 'working class', that folk music collection and publication was careful and scrupulous, and that the movement never succeeded in penetrating the state education system to any significant extent before 1914.'
The Newcastle song book; or, Tyne-Side Songster: being a collection of comic and satirical songs:descriptive of eccentric characters, and the manners and customs of a portion of the labouring population of Newcastle and the neighbourhood. chiefly in the Newcastle dialect. - Newcastle upon Tyne: Printed and sold by W. & T. Fordyce, No. 15, Grey Street. 1842
Jones, Edward: The bardic museum of primitive British literature, and other admirable parties : forming the second volume of the Musical, poetical [and] historical relicks of the Welsh bards and Druids, drawn from authentic documents of remote antiquity ; containing the bardic triads, historic odes, eulogies, songs, elegies, of King Arthur and his knights regallas, the wonders of Wales etc. With English translations and historic illustrations; likewise the ancient war-tunes of the bards. To these national melodies are added new basses, with variations for the harp, or harpsichord, violin, or flute.
- London, Printed by A. Strahan, for the Author, 1802.
The Myrtle and the Vine; Or, Complete Vocal Library With an Essay on Singing and Song Writing: to Which Are Added, Biographical Anecdotes of the Most Celebrated Song Writers.
- London, Printed for West and Hughes, 1800. - 472 s.
Jones, Edward: Musical and poetical relicks of the Welsh bards : preserved, by tradition and authentic manuscripts, from very remote antiquity, never before published : to the bardic tunes are added variations for the harp, harpsichord, violin, or flute : with a select collection of the pennillion and englynion, or, epigrammatic stanzas, poetical blossoms, and pastoral songs, of Wales, with English translations : likewise, a general history of the bards and druids ... : to which is prefixed a copious dissertation on the musical instruments of the aboriginal Britons ... - London : printed for the author, 1794.
Songs of the West : folk songs of Devon & Cornwall collected from the mouths of the people by S. Baring-Gould, H. Fleetwood Sheppard, and F. W. Bussell. New and rev. ed. under the musical editorship of Cecil J. Sharp. - London : Methuen & Co. Ltd., 1890, 1905.

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