Geografi ; natur ; demografi ; historie ; krige ; kultur ; kunst ; film ; musik ; politik ; politiske partier ; forsvar ; fredsbevægelser ; religion ; sociale forhold ; uddannelse ; økonomi og våbenhandel.
Geography, nature and climate, demographics, history, wars, culture, film, music, politics, defense, peace movements, religion, social issues, education, economy and arms trade.
Géographie, la nature, la démographie, histoire, la culture, la politique, la défense, les mouvements pacifistes, la religion, les questions sociales, l'éducation, économie.
Geografía, naturaleza, demografía, historia, cultura, política, defensa, movimientos por la paz, la religión, las cuestiones sociales, la educación, la economía
Geographie, Natur, Demographie, Geschichte, Kultur, Politik, Verteidigung, Friedensbewegungen, Religion, Soziales, Bildung, Wirtschaft.


Geografi: Østafrika er en region i Afrika, bestående af følgende aktuelle stater og områder:
Geography: East Africa is a region in Africa comprising the following current states and territories
UN Atlas of East Africa.
Natur, klima. Biodiversitet. Fauna og flora: Fisk. Fugle. Koralrev. Vådområder.
Nature, climate. Flora and fauna: Botanical gardens. Fish. Birds. Coral reefs. Wetlands
Flore et faune: Poissons. Oiseaux. Les récifs coralliens. Les zones humides.
Flora y fauna: Fish. Pájaros. Los arrecifes de coral. Los humedales.
Natur, Klima. Flora und Fauna: Botanische Gärten. Fisch. Vögeln. Korallenriffe. Feuchtgebiet, Feuchtbiotop.
International Network of Basin Organizations / Det internationale netværk af flodbassin organisationer.

2006 United Nations Environment Programme: Global International Waters Assessment. East African Rift Valley Lakes, GIWA Regional assessment 47. Published by the University of Kalmar on behalf of United Nations Environment Programme.
The East African Rift Valley Lakes (EARVL), GIWA region 47, runs from the northern end of Lake Turkana Basin to the southern tip of Lake Malawi/ Nyasa Basin and includes all the natural habitat and associated human communities found within the Rift Valley and on the adjacent escarpments. It encompasses parts of the following countries; Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo), Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. The main lakes in the region include Victoria, Tanganyika, Malawi, Turkana, Albert, Edward, George and Kivu. All are tropical and together comprise the African Great Lakes ecoregion. However, each lake lies within its own separate drainage basin, with its own assemblage of endemic organisms, most notably the cichlid fish species-flocks.
Ecologically Sensitive Sites in Africa. Volume 2: Eastern Africa
- Washington, DC: World Bank, 1993

Oil spill sensitivity of the western Indian Ocean islands: coastal data from the Comoros Islands, Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion and the Seychelles. / : N., Green Cox, E., Lysenko, I., Zhimbiev, B., WCMC, 1998.
Geologi og jordbundsforhold: Bjerge, vulkaner, jordskælv og ørkenområder:
Geology: Mountains, volcanoes, earthquakes and desert areas
Géologie: Montagnes, volcans, tremblements de terre et les zones désertiques
Geología: Montañas, volcanes, terremotos y zonas desérticas
Geologie: Berge, Vulkane, Erdbeben und Wüstengebiete
The rift valleys and geology of East Africa; an account of the origin & history of the rift valleys of East Africa & their relation to the contemporary earth-movements which transformed the geography of the world. With some account of the prehistoric stone implements, soils, water supply, & mineral resources of the Kenya colony. / : John WalterGregory, 1921.
Oldtiden / Antiquity.
Palæontologi / Megafauna.
Stenalderen / Stone Age.
Astronomi kulturarv og arkæoastronomi.
Bronzealderen / Bronze Age.
Helleristninger / Petroglyph.
Jernalderen / Iron Age.
Astronomy and world heritage: Across time and continents. / : Mikhail Ya. Marov et al. Kazan Federal University, 2016.
Europæisk kolonialisme: Britisk Østafrika ; Fransk Østafrika Portugisisk Østafrika: Mozambique ; Tysk Østafrika: Tanzania, Rwanda og Burundi.
Blandt historiske stater i Østafrika kan nævnes: Bornu, Dafur, Kano, Katsina, Sennar og Zaria.
Philippe Beaujard. East Africa, the Comoros Islands and Madagascar before the sixteenth century : on a neglected part of the world system. Azania, 2007.
Deltagelse i krige / Participation in wars / Participation à des guerres / La participación en las guerras / Beteiligung an Kriegen
Massemedier og pressefrihed / Mass media and freedom of the press:
Biblioteksvæsen / Libraries. Bogvæsen / Books:
Aviser / Newspapers / journaux / Prensa / Tageszeitungen
Tidsskrifter, periodica / Journals, periodicals / Revues spécialisées, périodiques / Revistas, publicaciones periódicas / Zeitschriften, Periodika
Kunst / Art
Film / Movies / cinéma / Cine / Filme:
Undervisning i film:
Lovgivende forsamling:
Valg / Elections:
Parlamentsvalg / Parliamentary elections:
Aktuelle og historiske politiske partier / Current and historical political parties
International organisering
Fredsbevægelser: / Peace movements / les mouvements pacifistes / movimientos por la paz / Friedensbewegungen
Sociale bevægelser, herunder miljøorganisationer:
Sociale forhold:
BNP - FN data, landbrug, fiskeri, industri.
Naturressourcer: Kopper, kobolt, olie og naturgas, uran.
Oil and Gas Exploration in East Africa: A Brief History. / : Peter Purcell.
Adapted from oral presentation from the History of Petroleum Geology session given at AAPG International Conference & Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey, September 14-17, 2014.
'The latest round of petroleum exploration in East Africa has seen major oil discoveries onshore Uganda and Kenya and giant gas accumulations offshore Tanzania and Mozambique. East Africa is widely touted as one of the emerging hydrocarbon provinces of the 21st Century. This presentation presents the historical background to this success, looking at past exploration efforts dating back to the 1930s. The East Africa region was considered highly prospective by the world's leading oil companies in the mid 20th Century but lack of success, among other reasons, saw interest fall away in the 1970s, revive in the 1980s and then fall almost to zero. The Uganda oil discoveries put East Africa back on the oilman's map and the region is certainly ‘hot’ again. Outside of Somalia, most of the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Tertiary basins in the region are under permit, largely by small to medium-sized independents and national oil companies, and with large international companies active in the offshore basins. This presentation presents maps showing the permit activity and drilling results by decade and by country for Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia, Somaliland and Eritrea, commencing with the 1950s. The changing pattern and level of activity, and the causes of those changes, provide an historical background for the current activity and future success.'
Erhverv, handel og industri:
Våbenfabrikker, våbenhandel og våbentransporter / Weapon Factories, arms trade and -transport / Fábricas de armas, comércio de armas e-transporte:

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