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USA's luftvåben. Dette er bl.a. udstyret med kernevåben, herunder film produktionsselskabet Lookout Mountain Laboratory og konventionel ammunition, Air Forces Northern National Security Emergency Preparedness Directorate, North American Aerospace Defense Command og Air Force Space Command, Defense Meteorological Satellite Program, LGM-118 Peacekeeper, Operation Chrome Dome, Thule og Operation Looking Glass. Sikkerhedstjeneste: U.S. Air Force Security Service.
Tidligere AEC baser. Dette refererer her til de anlæg, med høj sikkerhed, der opførtes af Atomenergikommissionen efter Anden Verdenskrig til at opbevare og vedligeholde atomvåben. / Former AEC sites. This refers here to the high security installations built by the Atomic Energy Commission after World War II to store and maintain nuclear weapons.
Se også: USA: efterretningstjenester ; Historiske og aktuelle amerikanske militære baser i udlandet ; krige ; Militære værn ; Project Silverplate ; Air Force Requirements Oversight Council ; napalm ; Okinawa ; våbenhandel.


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'The United States Air Force is in the midst of an ambitious aviation modernization program, driven primarily by the age of its current aircraft fleets. Four major programs are in procurement, with five more in research and development (R&D).'
Acquisition Management in the United States Air Force and its Predecessors. / : Lawrence R. Benson.
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CRS: Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications: Update on Air Force Oversight Effort and Selected Acquisition Programs, 2017.
Nuclear command, control, and communications (NC3) is a large and complex system comprised of numerous land-, air-, sea-, and space-based components used to ensure connectivity between the President and nuclear forces. The current NC3 architecture consists of components that support day-to-day nuclear and conventional operations prior to a nuclear event as well as those that provide survivable, secure, and enduring communications through all nuclear threat environments. Though some NC3 systems are specific to the nuclear mission, most support both nuclear and conventional missions. The Department of Defense (DOD) is executing several acquisition efforts to modernize elements of NC3. In addition, the Air Force, which is responsible for the majority of DOD NC3 assets, has begun establishing an oversight structure for its NC3 capabilities and programs.
CRS: Air Force B-21 Raider Long-Range Strike Bomber. / : Jeremiah Gertler, 2018.
The Department of Defense is developing a new long-range bomber aircraft, the B-21 Raider (previously known as LRS-B), and proposes to acquire at least 100 of them. B-21s would initially replace the fleets of B-1 and B-2 bombers, and could possibly replace B-52s in the future.
B-21 development was highly classified until the summer of 2015, when the Air Force revealed initial details of the aircraft and the program. Although technical specifications and other data remain out of public view, many details of the budget, acquisition strategy, procurement quantities, and other aspects of the B-21 program are now in the public arena.
As passed, the FY2019 defense appropriations bill funded the program at $2.28 billion.
CRS: U.S. Air Force Bomber Sustainment and Modernization: Background and Issues for Congress. / Jeremiah Gertler. 2014.
'The United States’ existing long-range bomber fleet of B-52s, B-1s, and B-2s are at a critical point in their operational life span. With the average age of each airframe being 50, 28, and 20 years old, respectively, military analysts are beginning to question just how long these aircraft can physically last and continue to be credible weapon systems. As potential adversaries acquire 21st century defense systems designed to prevent U.S. access to the global commons (sea, air, space, and cyberspace) and to limit U.S. forces’ freedom of action within an operational area, the ability of these Cold War era bombers to get close enough to targets to be effective will continue to deteriorate. Although the Air Force is committed to the development and acquisition of its proposed Long-Range Strike-Bomber (LRS-B), it is anticipated that flight-testing of the new bomber will not start until the mid-2020s, with initial operational capability near 2030. With this timeline in mind, the Air Force has extended the operational lives of the B-52 and B-1 out to 2040 and the B-2 out to 2058. Air Force and aerospace industry experts insist that with sufficient funding for sustainment and modernization over their expected lifespans, all three of the existing bombers can physically last and continue to remain credible weapon systems. However, appropriations decisions made by Congress based on required military capabilities to meet national security objectives will ultimately determine how long the B-52, B-1, and B-2 will remain in service.'
Air Force Research Laboratory Sensors Directorate Leadership Legacy, 1960-2011 / Compiled by Raymond C. Rang. General Dynamics Information Technology March 2011. - 188 pp. Final Report: Air Force Research Laboratory Sensors Directorate. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH. Air Force Materiel Command United States Air Force.
Boeing delivers first batch of 30,000-pound bombs to Air Force: The Massive Ordnance Penetrator — the Air Force has ordered 20 from Boeing — is nearly five tons heavier than any other bomb in the military's arsenal and is made to pulverize underground targets / W.J. Hennigan. Los Angeles Times, November 16, 2011.
Burial of radioactive waste in the USAF : USAF Radioisotope Committee. Wright-Pattehson AFB, Ohio, 1972. - 71 pp.
CRS: C-130 Hercules: Background, Sustainment, Modernization, Issues for Congress. / :Timrek Heisler, 2014.
'The United States primary tactical airlift aircraft is the C-130. Nicknamed the Hercules, this venerable aircraft has been the workhorse of U.S. tactical airlift for the past 57 years. The majority of C-130s in the U.S. government are assigned to the U.S. Air Force, but the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard also operate sizeable C-130 fleets. The potential concerns for Congress include oversight of and appropriations for an aging C-130 fleet.'
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Titan II Missile Site Coordinates -
U.S. Air Force Hires Private Companies To Fly Drones In War Zones. / : Chris Thompson, CorpWatch December 16th, 2015.
'U.S. Air Force officials has begun to hire private companies to fly drone aircraft operating over Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. The unprecedented move is in response to demands from the Obama administration to dramatically expand the drone war just as the Pentagon faces a critical shortage of military pilots.'
United States Air Service in World War I, I-IV Maxwell AFB, Ala. : Albert F. Simpson Historical Research Center. - Washington : Office of Air Force History, Headquarters USAF, 1978-1979.

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