Amerikansk: Global Positioning System eller Navstar. Amerikansk militært satellitbaseret navigations- og ildledningssystem. Udviklet og styret fra 1977 af Pentagon med Lockheed Martin's Missiles and Space Operations, Harris Corporation og Rockwell Collins Government Systems som leverandører.
The "basic GPS" is defined as the constellation of satellites, the navigation payloads which produce the GPS signals, ground stations, data links, and associated command and control facilities which are operated and maintained by the Department of Defense; the "Standard Positioning Service" (SPS) as the civil and commercial service provided by the basic GPS; and "augmentations" as those systems based on the GPS that provide real-time accuracy greater than the SPS. This policy presents a strategic vision for the future management and use of GPS, addressing a broad range of military, civil, commercial, and scientific interests, both national and international.
Policy Goals: In the management and use of GPS, we seek to support and enhance our economic competitiveness and productivity while protecting U.S. national security and foreign policy interests.
Our goals are to: (1) Strengthen and maintain our national security...
THE WHITE HOUSE: Office of Science and Technology Policy
National Security Council
March 29, 1996.
Milsatcom er et kommunikations- og kommandosystem som kun kan anvendes af USAs militær, mens GPS kan anvendes civilt og kommercielt.
Samarbejdsaftale mellem USA og EU om GPS og Galileo, 2004.
GPS bruges bl.a. af den canadiske flåde i forskning omkring lokalisering og positionsbestemmelse af atomubåde, der er dykket ned under polarisen.
En anden militær anvendelse af GPS er i forbindelse med førerløse spionfly.
Et tredje eksempel på militær anvendelse af GPS:
CONTRACTS from the United States Department of Defense
Contracts, Tuesday, August 9, 2005
BAE Systems, Communications, Navigation, Identification & Reconnaissance, Wayne, N.J., was awarded a $9,715,887 firm-fixed price contract for the acquisition of 223 computer displays for the use in the Doppler Global Positioning System Navigation Systems of Black Hawk and Chinook helicopters. The work will be performed at BAE's facilities in Wayne, N.J., and is to be completed by July 31, 2007. The U.S Army Communications-Electronics Command Acquisition Center at Fort Monmouth, N.J., is the contracting activity. Army Public Affairs can be reached at (703) 692-2000. (W15P7T-05-C-D022)
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