historiske fredskirker / historic peace churches

Kristne kirker med en pacifistisk, teologi oprettet før de første fredsgruppers grundlæggelse i 1815, eksempelvis Brødremenighederne, the Dunkers, Kvækerne, the Lollards / lollarderne , Mennonitterne, Molokanerne, Moravianerne, Nicholiterne, Unitas Fratrum, United Believers in Christ's Second Comming, Valdenserne.
Christian churches with a pacifist theology created before the first peace group founding in 1815, for example the Dunkers, Quakers, the Lollards, Mennonites, Molokans, Moravians, Nicholites, Unitas Fratrum, United Believers in Christ's Second Comming and the Waldenses
Se også Continuing Committee of the Historical Peace Churches ; the Diggers ; fredskirker og the National Service Board for Religious Objection


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