Geografi ; natur og klima ; historie ; kultur ; kunst ; musik ; politik ; politiske partier ; forsvar ; fredsbevægelser ; religion ; sociale forhold ; uddannelse ; økonomi og våbenhandel.
Geography; Nature and climate; Demography; History; Wars; Culture ; Art; Film; Music; Politics; Political parties ; Defense; Peace movements; Religion; Social conditions ; Education , Economics and Arms trade.
Géographie; Nature et climat; Démographie; Guerres; Histoire; Culture ; La musique; Politique; Partis politiques ; La défense; Mouvements de paix; Religion; Conditions sociales ; Éducation; Économie et commerce des armes

Europas demografi:

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Atlas of Europe.
Europas befolkning.
Atlas of health in Europe/2nd edition 2008.
- Copenhagen : WHO Regional Office for Europe.
Eastern European National Minorities, 1919-1980. A Handbook.
'Historical summaries and annotated bibliographies are provided for chapters focusing on national minorities in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia, Italy and Austria, Bulgaria, and Albania between 1919 and 1980. Chapter 1, "Eastern European National Minorities, 1919-1980" (Stephen M. Horak), includes an historical summary focusing on demographic problems and changes, political implications and problems of the interwar period, World War II, and the post-World War II period. The historical summary in Chapter 2, "National Minorities in Poland, 1919-1980" (Kenneth C. Farmer, David Crowe, and Richard Blanke) presents selections on minorities in interwar Poland, 1919-1939; World War II and the Nazi Occupation, 1939-1945; and national minorities in the Polish People's Republic, 1945-1980. Annotated bibliographic citations are categorized under general works, Ukranians, Jews, Belorussians, Germans, and Lithuanians. Remaining chapters present historical summaries and bibliographies under the following titles: "National Minorities in Czechoslovakia, 1919-1980" (Josef Kalvoda and David Crowe); "National Minorities in Hungary, 1919-1980" (Martin L. Kovacs and David Crowe); "National Minorities in Romania, 1919-1980" (Stephen Fischer-Galati); "National Minorities in Yugoslavia, 1919-1980: Linguistic Minorities from an Economic Perspective" (Toussaint Hocevar and David Crowe); "The Slovene and Croat Minorities in Italy and Austria, 1945-1980" (Toussaint Hocevar); "National Minorities in Bulgaria, 1919-1980" (Peter John Georgeoff and David Crowe); "National Minorities in Albania, 1919-1980" (Stephen M. Horak); and "Nationality Research Centers in Eastern European Countries" (Theodor Veiter). (LH)'.

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