The Danish Peace Academy

Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook

77 Bent Ladies

Chorus -

This is the song about the bent ladies
The Pope says we're saved if we repent ladies
Queen Victoria didn't we even went together ladies
But bent together ladies we're content.

The relatives did it, they asked about my boyfriend
and when we're getting married and what was he like?
I drew in my breath and said it wouldn't be soon,
and actually she's lovely and well actually she's a dyke.

Chorus -

My mother went green, and my father went pale
That's what comes of sending a girl to school he cried
It gives them mad ideas and ambitions for careers
But they never settle down now, get married and be satisfied.

Chorus -

Not with men I said, but that's not so bad
Co's I'm doing pritty well with what I've got
She was such a pritty girl they said, a sweet little girl they said.
Where did we go wrong? Well for me you did not!

Chorus -

So I call for all the lesbians to sing with this song
Sing with love, sing with joy, sing with pride.
For being a dyke is so good for my psyke
And who's this Victoria, and what did she have to hide?

Chorus -

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78 [Poster] HAPPY

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