The Danish Peace Academy

Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook

79 Revolution Talk

You talk of revolution, I wonder what you see... Greenham Common, 1987.You talk of revolution, I wonder what you see
Did you read it in your story book, watch it on T.V.
The only revolution this world has ever seen,
Is the little man against the big man, they're all men to me.

You sell your constitution, I wonder what you know
It's the white man taking power everywhere he goes
He comes in shouting freedom and grabbing with both hands
With massacres and treateis desecrating sacred land.

Today tell her story, she's been raped five times
Ester with her schock treatment, bucking with her mind
I hold their pain close to me, it shakes me in the night.
Sometimes it leaves me desperate, sometimes it helps me fight.

You study feminist theory in your university
Fill your mind with book reviews, and bibliographies
But when your sister calls you are you realy there
Or is your sence of sisterhood just rhetoric in the air.

You talk about revolution, well I got a lot to say
Of everyday rebellions in women's loving ways
Whether we're holding hammers or cutting army wire
I know the whells are turning like circles round the fire.

["Revolution Talk" words and music were written in 1985 at the Seneca Women's Encampment for a Future of Peace and Justice by The Average Dyke Band. The ADB was made up of various women who lived at the Seneca women's peace camp in the mid '80's.]

[Source: Robin Earth.]

[Music: Phil Ochs: Love me I'm a liberal?]

[Illustration: You talk of revolution, I wonder what you see... Handwritten Greenham Common booklet from 1987 in the files of Evelyn Parker.]

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