The Danish Peace Academy

Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook

67 Leah's Song

Early one morning just as the sun was rising
I heard the sound of snipping in the forrest below


Oh don't decieve me, Oh never leave me
How could you use a pair of bultcutters so.

I crept thrugh the underground past benders tents and shitpicts
I crowled up to the outher fence and saw a gaping hole.

Chorus -

I climped through the the gaping hole and pushed aside the razor wire
I crossed the concrete forecourt where the army lorries go.

Chorus -

In every gate I found a hole and that includes the silo's fence
The path ahead lay clear in the sunlights rosy glow.

Chorus -

The silos are empty and there seems to be some panic
for all the USAF men are running to and fro.

Chorus -

Oh where have our missiles gone
This females must have taken them.
Well I'l tell them what happened if
they realy want to know.

Chorus -

Your warheads were chopped away
Your Cruise were rendered importent.
Your poor castrated missiles we've sent
Back to El Paso.

Chorus -

[No information about author and composer.]

[Photograph added by Holger Terp: photo © marc marnie. Used with permission.]

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