The Danish Peace Academy

Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook

68 Non-Monogamy Song

You put your feelers out, you don't have to doubt
Right on, right on, spread yourselves about
You do the non-monogamy with half a heart
And wait for the sparks to fly.

Chorus -

Oh it's an interlectual exercise
Oh it's an unrealistic compromise
Oh it's nothing but a pack of lies.
You're mine, I'm yours, fuck anyone else.

You put yourselves half in, yourselves half out
Dead cool, dead cool, don't let your feelings out.
You do the non-monogamy and swap around
And dont let your partner know,

Chorus -

You put your whole self here, you put your whole self here
Trust, trust, trust them all and say that you don't care
You take another lover and they dump you dead.
Next time, next time, kick'em in the head.

Oh you are mine forever
Oh we must remain together
Oh never never never
Leave me or look at another
Woman as long as you live.

[No information about author and composer.]

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