The Danish Peace Academy

Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook

66 Now I'm a happy dyke

I used to hide not to be laud
I'd hang back just one of the crowd
I used to be a wallflower
Now I'm a happy dyke.

I used to think I had to date
And look for a man to seal my fate
I used to be a straigt woman
Now I am an out and out dyke.

One day I was waiting with my best friend
And looked real deep into her eyes
My heart did a double back flip flop
And then we both got wise.

I kissed her and she kissed me
And we could see it was ment to be
Well I used to be a sad woman
Now I am a blissful dyke.

Went to Greenham, cut some fence
Hugged some woman and it all made sence
Well I used to be a Tory,
Now I am a radical, feminist, anarchist, vegan dyke.

[No information about author, composer and artist.]

See also: Greenham interview tape at the British library: 'I'm a Happy Dyke'.
My Old Mum's a Lesbo.

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