The Danish Peace Academy

Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook

61 Tomorrow

I know where my pleasures lie,
For pleasures I have many.
Hopes and dreams that carry me
Thrugh daily care and worry.
But every pleasure's touched with grief,
Every hope blighted with sorrow.
Nightmare overtakes the dream,
I fear I lost tomorrow.

There it is, deep in my mind,
When I wake in the morning.
I'm waiting, trembling, listening for
The dread few minute warning.
I watch the children play,
and only see annihilation.
Then I know fear has now become
A normal part of living.

Nature trains us to survive,
Protect our childrens children.
We break the first of human laws
Preparing now to kill them.
Peace is what they say we have
It feels more like a poisoned arrow,
Pointing at our deepest dream,
The promise of tomorrow.

You know where your pleasures lie,
Will you have time to use them?
Hopes and dreams are empty joys
If we're prepared to loose them.
You who stand and shake your heads,
Who judge us tht we act in error.
Ask yourself, deep in your heart.
Do you too, live in terror?

My spirit is dying day by day,
Murdered by warmongeres.
That's why I'm here
For I can't bear it any longer.
I'm not here to waste my time
I'm not here to beg and borrow
I'm here to demand what is mine -
I'm here to claim tomorrow.

[Words and music Peggy Seeger.
Included in:
Seeger, Peggy: The Peggy Seeger Songbook: Forty years of songmaking.
- New York ; London ; Sydney : Oak Publications, 1998. - 364 pp. - ISBN 0-8256-0344-7]

Hear Tomorrow sung by Peggy Seeger.

62 New Byelaws Cartoon.

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