The Danish Peace Academy

Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook

53 Linking Arms Circling Round

(Round) in 4 parts

Linking arms, circling round
Womanpower is wakening to the Keening sound. (repeat ad nauseam)

[No information about author and composer.]

[Keening: Lamenting, making a loud, long, sad sound, especially because someone has died.
The Greenham Common women tried to "make connection" emotionally with members of Parliament [January 18, 1982] by "keening" at them, a form of protest which one woman described by saying: "It's a means of expression without words, without having to get tied up in various arguments, facts and figures, whys and wherefores. You can just show how you feel." As another woman warned, facts can become "a source of power and mystification." ]

[No information about post card source.
Post card picture source: The file of Inger Bjørn Andersen.
The Women's Historical Collection, the State Library - Aarhus.]


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