The Danish Peace Academy

Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook

52 Yesterday's Children

Greenham Common: Record cover.

Yesterday's children are the product of war,
They're dreaminq of a nation and a glory gone before.
All toys and new styles more ability to kill,
and think they're growing wiser and we're hoping that they will.
Are they going older and wiser or are they going blind?
We think they're going blind.
We think they're going blind.

Today's children are the product of a dream,
Strenuously fighting for a world that should have been,
Trying to impress upon the children gone before
That the answer to peace is not a nuclear war
They're not getting older and wiser but they're going blind
We know they're going blind.
We know they're going blind.

Tomorrow's children are a product of a hope
That peace and love prevail without bomb, gun or rope.
Yesterday's children if they'd cared could have seen
that the Women of Greenham want to keep our country green.
Please don't get your sight back just to watch our childen die
to watch our childen die.

[No information about author and composer.]

Hear Yesterday's Children from single record.

Produced by Manchester Greenham Support Group [1983?]. Source: Tape in the file of Ulla Moltved.

[Photographs added by Holger Terp]

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