The Danish Peace Academy

Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook

35 Elsie's Song (Chat and Nuke you Talks)

Women and kids there's such a lot of us at Greenham
We won't live in fear, and that's the reason we're here.
Can you afford to pay the price for Ronald Reagan?
He sends you to die, will you never ask why?

He's got the lot of you for targets while he's safe overseas
Margaret Thatcher's just as bad with you M.O.D.s!
Can't you find your senses, help us shift the fences.
Then we'll share the Common, and we'll all be friends.

We will take the convoy you can all go away.
We will see it safely back to U.S. of A.
have a lovely day now, then be on your way now.
You'll be home in time for Christmas Day.

There's gonna be a peaceful atmosphere around us
Women unite, 'cos only men want to fight.
I'll tell you this, that we will still be here
when you've gone home.

So board the Chattanooga, we're a Nuclear Free Zone
So don't take the 'chat and nuke you' just go choo chooing
back home.

[No information about author and composer.
Photograph of Greenham protesters trying to stop a military convoy off for war games in Salisbury, 1989, added by Holger Terp.
Chattanooga, Tennessee, A train town.]
Glenn Miller: Chattanooga Choo- Choo, 1941

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