The Danish Peace Academy

Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook

26 Chant down Greenham

35 women, campers for peace
Breaking the law
So there'll be no more War.

We won't want your laws
We don't like your cause
We don't fight your wars
Chant down Greenham

We don't want your cruise,
We have life to lose
There's still time to choose,
Chant down Greenham.
So there'll be no more War.

35 thousand Women for peace,
Embracing the base
So there'll be no more War.

[Author and composer: Alanna O'Kelly.
In the late eighties, I heard, as a student, Alanna O'Kelly describe making Chant Down Greenham, an audio work for Sound Moves...]

[Also typewritten and published in the Anti-nuclear songbook and in the Frauenwiderstanscamp Hansrück songbook.]

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