Amerikansk våbenfabrik, en del af USA's militær-industrielle kompleks.. Raytheon is the fourth largest defense contractor in the United States, behind Lockheed Martin and Boeing. The Massachusetts-based conglomerate received more than $7 billion in Pentagon contracts in FY 2002. By its own accounting, the company is involved in over 4,000 weapons programs.
Raytheon's best-known product is probably the Patriot air defense missile, the Tomahawk land attack missile, AIM-65 Maverick, an air-to-surface missile. Raytheon also specializes in radar, surveillance, and targeting systems that are used on most U.S.-produced combat aircraft. Raytheon manufactures the "bunker buster" GBU- 28, a 5,000-pound bomb.
The company is also a major arms exporter, with billions in overseas arms sales in the past decade to a client list that includes Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Oman, Singapore, Greece, Taiwan and South Korea.
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