Orbital Sciences Corp.

Amerikansk våbenfabrik, en del af USA's militær-industrielle kompleks.. Grundlagt 1982. Ansatte: 1.800. DESCRIPTION: Orbital Sciences is known primarily for manufacturing and deploying satellites and launch vehicles. It also sells satellite-based products and services. DEVELOPMENTS: Orbital was dealt a major blow in September when a rocket launch failed and two satellites fell into the Indian Ocean. Despite that setback, the company has won major new contracts. Orbital was recently awarded a contract valued at about $425 million from Boeing Co. to develop a booster rocket for a ground-based missile-defense program. The development contract runs through September 2007 and could lead to a contract for about 70 rockets valued at as much as $535 million through 2010. The company plans to conduct 16 to 18 space missions in 2002.

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