The Danish Peace Academy

Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook

83 Festival of Light

I'm a member of the Festival of Light
I know what's wrong and I know what's right
Fight is right and you'll be left
If you don't agree with me, bom, bom, bom.
Mary Whitehouse is our Guru
and we believe we can ave you
of every soul ill tht is plauged this country.

So come on in and close your mind
You can leave it at the door behind you.
Come on in and close your eyes
We'll make the blind to see, bom, bom, bom.
With our hands upon the bible
We commit all kinds of libel
So raise your hands up to your heart
And repeat this after me.

Oh I hate reds and I hate women
how sexuals are a sinning'
Peace protesters and the Lord knows
It just ain't right
I'll stand for good clean wholesome famely living
All our sins will be forgiven
I'm as poor as snow as a do si do
In the Festival of light

[Author: Judy Small. Recorded on the LP, A Natural Selection from 1982.]

83 Bailiffs Song

I looked out my tent at six fifty two
And saw something that made want to spew
'Cos the vision was realy odscene
a big nosed bailiff with a munching mashine
Sir don't do it, Sir don't do it
Sir take your muncher away
Sir don't do it, Sir don't do it
It's already been round this day.

As a health conscious woman it gives me a fright
To see that this thing will eat anything in sight
It chews all the bitd and I'll be dead chuffed
If it's stuck in it troat and knackered it up.
Sir don't do it, Sir don't do it
Because we're not going away.

It's not that I'm really complaining at all
But it's not that I wanted an early morning call
It's a pain with my rheunatic knees.
To have to keep digging the pram from the trees
Sir don't do it, Sir don't do it
Because we're here to say.

At 8:55 it was raining again
And I thought to myselves, Oh what a pain
It's an interesting question perhaps we should ask
If the men wit the muncher's been doing a rain dance.
Sir don't do it, Sir don't do it
'Cause we're not going away.

[No information about author.]

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