The Danish Peace Academy

Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook

74 I Have Dreamed

I have dreamed on this mountain since first I was my mothers dauhter
And you can't just take my dreams away, not with me watchin'
You may drive a big maschine, but I was born a big srong girl.

[No information about author and composer.
Also published in the Chant Down Greenham songbook.
Refrain to: On This Mountain.
Music: ]

74 Watching Through The Night / Silver's Dragon Song

The dragon cries her tears in the night
Who can say why a dragon weeps?
To be unloved ? To lose the earth ?
After tears Iíll sleep and dream
But the dragon sits
Her long body on the ridge of the hill
Watching through the night

You men of war who fear to cry
Look behind you if you dare
Make the choice, donít lose the earth
You can live for freedom
And the dragon sits
Her strong body on the ridge of the hill
Watching through the night

O sisters who keep up the fire
Look inside you for your care
We will not ever lose the earth
We live for fun and freedom
And the dragon flies
Her strong body on the lift of her wings
Watching through the night
Watching through the night.

[Author and composer: Silver Moon, Green Gate, March 1984 for the Nightwatch Women.]

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