The Danish Peace Academy

Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook

60 Nightmare Song (Nagasaki Day '82)

Waking up from my nightmare
Waking up from my nightmare
Waking up from my nightmare
I think in the dark.

This song is for you who died in Hiroshima
For you who died in Nagasaki
For you who will die of our madness
That we could know.

All the people who're hungry
All the people who are dying
All the people who are suffering now
For the price of our bombs.

Curling up under a table, waiting for a flash
Pushing doors against a wall, waiting for the blast
Do the children understand? Should we close their eyes?
How long must we wait?

Waking up to my nightmare
Nothing moving, why can't I hear?
Touch her face but it's blank and bare
I scream in the night.

[No information about author, composer and artist.]

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