The Danish Peace Academy

Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook

45 Smash the system

When I was a little girl
My mother said it's a mans world
You've got to try hard for an education
It will change your situation
Mum was wrong and now I see
I've got to fight to set me free, so

Smash the system
Why do we all sit and wait
For someone else to do it when
We could've been free by now

You close your eyes
You close your mind
To things you think
Are a waste of times
It's easier just not to notice
You don't have to stand and make a fighting protest.

[No information about author and composer.]

45 Stand Up

Stand up, women make your choice,
Create a world without nuclear threath.
For together we are strong.
Break the nuclear chain.

[No information about author and composer.
Tune: Traditionel.]

[Also typewritten published in Fredssangbogen and in the Frauenwiderstanscamp Hansrück songbook and translate ino German and Italian].

Hear Building Bridges and Stand Up sung by 1world Peacesingers.

[Stand Up and Building Bridges is also recorded by Wild Wimmin for Peace on the MC the Great Peace March, 1986.]

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