The Danish Peace Academy

Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook

42-43 Cosmic green with envy song

You talk with great self assertion
And you go whereever you please
You're not bothered by fences or soldiers
And you know all the names of the trees (and flowers)

Chorus: But what is your secret my lovely
Why can't I be like you
What are the words of your magic
I wish you would give me a clue.

You cut holes in the fences without problems
And you never got lost in the base
And once you danced on the silos
While the moonlight danced on your face (and your hair)

In court you stand strong without shaking
Conduct your defence on your own
And the magistrates hear what your're saying
And they let you go home again free

You think up original actions
Wear badges that no-one else owns
Knows the words of every song written
And you seem to find all the stories (with the holes)

Chorus: But what is your secret my lovely
Why can't I be like you
But since you won't give me an answer
Then Goddess please give me a clue.

[No information about author.
Tune: Peter Sarstedt: Where do you go to my lovely, 1966.
Illustration added by Holger Terp
Outside the main gate of the base, October 1982.
Picture source: Greenham Common: Against Cruise Missiles.]

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