The Danish Peace Academy

Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook

38 OH Holloway

Når uret bliver ret bliver modstand pligt, 1985
We are the witches in Danish

OH Holloway
Whose 4 walls surrounds us
Women locked up
And what have we done
ut one day we'll be free
Then we'll join hands together
For then we'll know the struggle has been won.

OH Holloway
Where the living is dreary
Food like poison
Got no rights at all
But we'll keep on singing
Till the day we leave hee
They cannot silence us at all.

[No information about author.]

[Tune: Danny Boy.]

38 We are the Witches

We will rise up from the flames, higher, higher and higher
Fires strengh we will reclaim higher, higher and higher

We are the witches who will never be burned
We are the witches who have learned what it is to be free.

The flames of love is burning bright,
flickering dancing in the night.

Weawe your power with the wind,
we will change and we'll spin.

Cleansing fire burns strong and sure,
consuming evil, making peace.

[Authors and composers: Sue Popper and Beatrice.]

In the Ravnstrup Women's Peace Camp songbook We are the witches is dated Greenham 1983.

On March 21 [1982], a "Spring Equinox Festival" was celebrated by 2,000 people who gathered for music, art and other festivities at the gates of the British Greenham Common airbase. On the day following the festival, 34 women were arrested for forming a 24 hour blockade at seven gates to the base. The Newbury District Council voted on March 23 to enact court proceedings in an attempt to evict the occupants of the Peace Camp. [IFOR Report, June 1982 p. [19]].

Also translated into Danish.]

[Picture No. 2 source: National Library of Wales, Department of Pictures and Maps.
Casgliad Ian and Thalia Campbell Collection - llyfr ffoto 2316 / 199700036 ]

39 Seven photographs of women passing the fence to the base.

[Verse of We are the witches is translated into Danish by the Danish Women for Peace.
No information about translator.
Køkkenrullen No. 1, January 1985 p5:

Stiger op fra flammerne
højere højere højere
Bryder ud med ildens kraft
højere højere højere
Vi er hexene
der aldrig bli'r brændt
Vi er hexene
der har kendt os selv som fri

A second verse of We are the witches is translated and published in Når uret bliver ret bliver modstand pligt, 1985:

Vi bygger broer
over vores kløfter
Ta'r hinandens hænder
og samler energi
Med alle vores drømme
og håb og visioner
Søstre vi har kimen
til en fremtid fuld af liv

In the booklet Når uret bliver ret bliver modstand pligt there is a Danish translation of: Joan's story: I am a dangerous woman by Joan Cavanagh, published in My Country is the Whole World (Women's Peace Collective, Pandora Press 1984).

See also: Witches.

There is also a special Danish version of Itsy, bitsy spider.
You know:
The itsy, bitsy spider, climbed up the water spout.
Down came the rain and washed the spider out.
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain,
So the itsy, bitsy spider went up the spout again.

Little Petra Spider climbed up the wire fence.
Then there came a soldier, and pulled her down again,
But she saw a rainbow that took away her pain,
And little Petra Spider climbed up the fence again.

Translated by John Avery.

No information about author.

Source: Christensen, Ann-Dorte: Ulydige kvinders magt. 1989 p. 34.]

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