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Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook

2 Brazen Hussies

We're brazen hussies
and we don't give a damn
We're loud, we're raucous
and we're fighting for our rights
And our sex, and our need to be free.

Men call us names to be nasty and rude
Like lesbian, man hater, witch and prostitute
What a laugh, 'cause half of its true.

The fragile docile image of our sex must die
Through centuries of silence we are
screming into action

We're Greenham hussies
and we don't give a damn
We're loud, we're raucous
and we're fighting for our rights
for our sex, for fun, and we'll win.

[No information about author.
Tune: I Wish I Was In Dixie.
Also published in the Chant Down Greenham songbook.

[Alternative title: Shameless Hussies.]

[Blackwood, Caroline: On the perimeter : Caroline Blackwood at Greenham Common.
- London : Wiliam Heinemann ; Fontana Paperbacks, 1984. - 112 pp. - ISBN : 0-00-654123-2]

[Brazen hussies: Bold and unashamed, a saucy or mischievous girl.]

[Women branded harridans. The Sun, August 9, 1991].

[See also: I Am A Strong Woman. ]

Harridan = a haggard old women.]

2 The Chief of Police

Oh the Chief of the Police
He had ten thousand men
He marched them up to the Silo top
And he marched them down again.
And when they were up they were up.
And when they were down they were down,
And when they were only halfway up,
They found all the wire was down.

[No information about author.

Tune: The Grand Old Duke of York.
Also published in the Chant Down Greenham songbook.

Greenham police congratulated / Trevor Bown ; John Rentoul.
New Statesman. Vol. 106. 1983, No. 2728, 1 July 1983 p. 4.

Former Yard chief guilty of shoplifting
Richard Duce ; Stewart Tendler.
The Times, April 12, 1995.
A FORMER Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police left court in Disgrace yesterday after he was convicted of shoplifting.
Originally a senior officer in the Thames Valley force, [he], a tall and dashing figure, was the highly successful commander of policing outside Greenham Common airbase in the early 1980s. He then became a deputy assistant commissioner in east London, leading police operations during the print union demonstrations at Wapping.

Policing of the Greenham Common demonstrations.
Date: Mon Jun 12 10:56:06 BST 2006
FOI 2460.
Due to the size of the documents requested, this information is available in hard copy only.
If you would like to see copies of the released information please contact Information and Record Management Services on 020 7035 1029, quoting the Freedom of Information reference number 2460.

Silos picture source: and
Schram, Wilke: A guide to Pershing and Cruse. C.I.C.D. Antiwar News & Views, Melbourne, April 1984 p. 3 (Airmail paper magazine).]

See also: For the police.

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